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Raida Henna

R Henna Stencils

R Henna Stencils

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Henna stencils especially designed for right hands.   However, they can be cut easily and applied on the right hand or any other parts of the body.Does not include henna paste. Each stencil is 7.6 by 4.1 inches, but can be cut if required. These are self adhesive stickers and removable which makes it easier to apply henna paste and then tear off when done. Our henna tattoo stencils can help you to make perfect temporary tattoo within a few minutes. Perfect for party favors, any events such as wedding, birthday party, concert, the Pool, The Beach, Parties, Festivals, Concerts, henna day Party, etc.

Please choose your designs before placing the order.

How to use:

  1. Carefully remove white backing paper from stencil
  1. You can cut the stencil into small parts to apply on your skin, especially fingers.
  1. Apply stencil to skin, adhesive side down
  1. Slowly peel back clear protective sheet
  1. Apply henna paste or jagua gel to skin showing through the stencil
  1. Let dry
  1. Once henna is completely dry, remove stencil.
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