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Raida Henna

X-Large Henna (Hand) Appointment

X-Large Henna (Hand) Appointment

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Enjoy a relaxing session and get intricate Henna design on your hand starting about 4 inches above the wrist and includes fuller designs on all 5 fingers. 

Create an unforgettable henna experience with us. We meticulously prepare our henna paste at home using a blend of premium organic henna powder and the perfect balance of lemon juice and sugar. Our secret recipe, enhanced with natural ingredients and essential oils, ensures vibrant colors and long-lasting results.

 *Note: The price and booking slot is for 1 side of the hand. If you’d like to get 2 hands, DON’T increase the quantity at checkout, instead book 2 slots separately; and if you want both hands front and back, book 4 slots.*

**Note for extra large designs, depending on the design’s length or intricacy the price can go above $30**

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